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collecting antique pottery red wing style

Collecting Antique Red Wing Pottery

Collecting Antique Pottery: Red Wing Style

Zoom Image Red Wing Union Stoneware Company jug with
its tell-tale capacity label and “Red Wing” seal in red.

Red Wing’s distinctive pottery has now become an international collector’s item. Those passionate about Red Wing pottery and stoneware can join the Red Wing Collector’s Society, which holds regular conventions and events for collectors, and publishes books and newsletters highlighting unique finds.

Today, a favorite of collectors is the art pottery produced between the 1920s and 1967 when the original company closed. Red Wing Potteries produced more than 2,000 varieties of art pottery during these years, including the popular RumRill line of pottery designed by wholesaler George Rumrill. Vases, candleholders and figurines are popular styles from the 1940-1960s, and the dinnerware patterns created from 1935-1967 remain a favorite collector’s item today.

Among the most highly collectable pieces today are late 19th century salt-glazed stoneware jugs, water coolers and butter churns. These simple tan or light-brown farmhouse pieces have a single decoration, such as a flower, leaf or the jar’s capacity, and have thick, rounded edges.

Depending on the age and style, pieces can sell for $75 to $3,000 or more. Two rare Red Wing Stoneware salt-glazed pieces once sold for $40,000 each.

An annual three-day collectors’ convention, showcasing a range of unique and classic styles, is held the second full weekend in July in Red Wing, MN.

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