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mn prairie
Minnesota’s Prairieland

MN Prairie

Grasses and pastel-colored wildflowers blow in the breeze for as far as your eye can see. A visit to the Prairie will take you back to the time when the first pioneers crossed this land. See historic sites and state parks, rock climb or view a buffalo herd. Visit one of the state’s National Monuments or historic petroglyphs in this region steeped in history.

Historic Calumet Inn: Pipestone, MN

Historic Calumet Inn: Pipestone, MN

Across the prairie in the historic town on Pipestone, the Calumet Inn brings guests back a century. Check into the historic, yet newly renovated, hotel and visit nearby wonders, including Pipestone National Monument and Blue Mounds State Park.

Historic Chippewa City Montevideo, MN

Historic Chippewa City: Montevideo, MN

Step back in history to a preserved historic village at Montevideo, MN’s Historic Chippewa City. Walk through 24 restored buildings dating back to the late 1800’s resting on 20 acres with one of the most extensive antique collections you may ever see.

Harkin Store: MN Historic Site, New Ulm, Minnesota

Harkin Store: A MN Historic Store Frozen in Time

When the train passed by the town of West Newton, MN, in the 1870s, the Harkin general store soon was closed, many of its original items still intact. Nearly four decades later it opened as a museum that continues to showcase MN prairie life today.

Historic Forestville / Mystery Cave State Park: A Walk through History

Historic Forestville, MN: A Walk through History

Once a vibrant small town, Forestville, MN vanished when trains bypassed it in the early 1900s. Many of its buildings remain and today, visitors to the Historic Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park site can take a walk through history.

Weekend Away: Minnesota Prairie Waters

Spend a relaxing weekend away on the Prairie. Stay in a tipi or on a working farm, and enjoy a wine tasting, historic tour or shop for handmade goods. Hike along the rolling prairie, view the world’s oldest exposed rock, or take an art class while you’re here.

Minnesota Farm Stay: Moonstone Farms Montevideo, MN

Moonstone Farms: Montevideo, MN Farm Stay

Farm stays offer an opportunity to reconnect with fresh air, local foods, and a more simple and authentic lifestyle. Popular around the world, farm stays are gaining attention here in Minnesota, allowing guests to awake to the sounds of the countryside and experience a day on a working farm.

Hinterland Vineyards and Winery: Clara, MN

Hinterland Vineyards and Winery: Clara, MN

Set on a working farm, MN’s Hinterland Vineyards grows cold-hardy grapes that it has transformed into some of the best wines in the state. Visit for a tasting and be sure to try each of this winery’s varieties, including Frontenac, LaCrescent and Marquette.

Blue Mounds State Park

Blue Mounds State Park: Preserving the MN Prairie

Blue Mounds State Park offers untouched views of the same prairie the first settlers crossed. Today visitors can hike 15 miles of trails, climb 100-foot cliffs and have a rare opportunity to view a herd of bison on the prairie.

Pipestone National Monument

Pipestone National Monument: Sacred Prairie Quarry

A sacred Native American stone quarry for more than 3,000 years, today Pipestone National Monument continues its rich history with walking trails through historic grounds and one of the state’s most beautiful waterfalls.

Jeffers Petroglyphs: Early MN Historic Site - Comfry, MN

Jeffers Petroglyphs: Early MN Historic Site

In the middle of the Minnesota prairie sits our state’s earliest historic record, the Jeffers Petroglyphs in Comfry, MN. As old as the Egyptian pyramids, these rock carvings made by the first people to call Minnesota home depict a rich cultural history within the region.

Upper Sioux Agency State Park Tipi Camping

Upper Sioux Agency State Park: Minnesota Prairie

Native American tribes called Minnesota’s prairie home for hundreds of years. Today that prairie is preserved at one of the state’s must unique and beautiful state parks, where visitors can spend the night in a real tipi and hike trails crossing prairie, forest and river wetlands.

Andrew J. Volstead House Granite Falls MN National Landmark

Andrew J. Volstead House: MN National Landmark

An important era in our nation’s history began right here in Minnesota. Granite Falls, MN was once home to Rep. Andrew J. Volstead, a nine-term MN Congressman whose historic legislation had significant impacts on our nation’s history. Today his home is a National Landmark.


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